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कक्षा 9 में पढ़नेवाली एक बालिका के पिता ने उसके भाषण का यह ड्राफ्ट मुझे भेजा था कि मैं इसमें कुछ सुधार कर दूँ । आप भी पढ़िये, मैंने तो जस का तस लौटाया, मन: पूर्वक आशीर्वाद के साथ, बच्चियाँ अगर इतना स्पष्ट समझ रही हैं परिस्थिति को तो हालात इतने भी बुरे नहीं है ।
Terrorism, you and I .

Pranaam to Acharya gan and all elders, namaste to all my brothers and sisters. Perhaps you may be wondering why a young girl like me wants to talk on a subject like terrorism. My answer is simple. It hurts all of us. I am not separate from that. There is a famous saying that You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. Terrorism is war. It is a war by cowards who do not wish to fight in the open and show bravery only against the unarmed.

Terrorism is a coward's war.

Let me tell you about the means the terrorists use and what we can do to safeguard ourselves against it. Brothers and sisters, please understand; terrorists do not materialize out of thin air like in TV serials. They have to physically travel to the place they wish to unleash terror. So local help is needed. Without local help this is not possible. So we must be wary of their possible local helpers.

Brothers and sisters, the terrorist comes to kill and die. He thinks he will go to heaven for killing innocent people who have never hurt him. Do you know something ? He is always an outsider, he is never a local from where he is going to kill people. So you see ? His local helpers wish to remain safe after he is killed. They do not wish to die. They want to help someone who wants to kill us. So, it is not actually the terrorist who is our real enemy. He does not know us. He has no real reason to kill us. He is a robot, programmed to kill people of another religion, just because they belong to another religion. They are faceless to him, anybody and everybody.

But that is not the case with his local helpers. They know us. They know who we are. They know us by name, they know where we stay. They make friends with us.

And then they bring this terrorist to our doorstep. To kill us.

So dear brothers and sisters, you tell me who is our real enemy: is he the outsider who has come to kill us and die? Yes, he has to be found and killed before he can kill us, but you will surely agree with me that we must first find and deal with those who want to bring him to our homes. So they must not dare to think of doing so, ever.

I do not think many of us can stand the idea of violence, so we must use peaceful means. Economic boycott is one method. Stop buying from those you suspect of helping terror. It is our own money that is paying for our own murder. Can we allow this ? When you keep buying from them, they know your preferences. They know your tastes..... and... they also know your name and address. When you take home delivery from them, they know your home and how many people stay, what is your family status, everything. Are you aware of this danger and think you can remain safe ?

Let me tell you something. You know termites ? White ants ….deemak ? You know, right ? OK, so you know how small it is, you can kill it with one finger, no force at all.... so you don't do any pest control because you know you can kill any single deemak..... but you know how fast they increase their numbers and how fast they can weaken your house which will just fall … dhadaam.... one day … maybe when you are fast asleep and least expect something like this to happen.... you got that, right ? Thank you.

Another thing is to keep watch, report to police, preferably on the net, anonymously, because many times the local station has been bought....sorry to say, but … bika hua... so maintain secrecy in reporting, for your own safety.

At our small level, this is mostly all we can do without violence. So let's do it. Our forefathers have shed blood therefore we are what we are, let us not lose that over biryani. Blood cannot be paid for in biryani.

Thank you, all of you, for sparing time to hear me out. Jai Hind, Vande Mataram !


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