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I would like to take a moment to explain, why the views of Gurmehar Kaur are so condemnable and here it is – India, in its history since independence and even before that, has never invaded any country or any territory held/claimed by another country, a fact self-evidencing that by our very nature we Indians are pacifists. India has never shown a sign of aggression or territorial ambitions to any other nation in its recorded history. Even the fiercest wars that India fought were forced on India in 1962 by China and in 1971 by Pakistan respectively whereas the latter has a history of offending India and Indian people which the world has grown to finally acknowledge now.

Slowly and steadily the international community has left their biases concerning Pakistan behind to concede that Pakistan is in-fact an international irritant and not only does Pakistan harbor and spring Islamic terrorism but also purposefully inculcates and promotes the spirits of warmongering in its military against India - owing to which, there is a presence of a very strong militia within military, within civil society and even within government in Pakistan which leans more towards the extremes of fanaticism and thrives on a deep-rooted anti-India sentiment.

The UN acknowledges that Pakistan has been a regular violator of not just one but many UN resolutions on many counts vindicating the stands of India. India’s stand on Pakistan has been justifiably clear that Pakistan is a regular offender along the Indian borders, forcing war and violence on a gentle Indian army. So the world is implicitly approving of the fact that Pakistan only is guilty.

And that’s precisely when we have some idiots coming out only to undermine India’s position on Pak and stating that Pakistan is not guilty alone but India also is, meaning India also is responsible for the wars it fought. People like her imply that India should do as it pleases Pakistan to stop the possibilities of armed struggle and start fulfilling Pakistan’s demands of handing over Indian territories, Islamization of remnant Hindus in J&K and so forth because until then Pakistan’s bloodlust won’t stop and India will continue to be dragged to battles.

India’s stand on Pakistan being guilty has already weakened because a lot of Indians who can’t see what lies beneath the surface and take things only at the face value chime-in with Gurmehars and likes to unintentionally plead their own righteous nation guilty because we are surrounded more with those who in the name of neutrality and even-handedness tend to split every blame in equal halves crediting each half to offender and innocent, effectively bringing the innocent also in the loop of responsibility whilst innocent didn’t do anything to be responsible.

Even if handful Indians continue with the rant of neutrality and right is also little wrong and wrong is also little right tirades, the international assemblies will also start disregarding India’s stands citing our own disintegrations and differences on the issues.

In the end I would say that “Indians are affected more because of their fellow Indians who claim to be unaffected by the ongoing issues hence refuse to unite and subscribe to the idea of disintegration”. It’s high time we understood it!

Sulabh Gupta


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