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A request to please bear with patience and read till the end.

War kills our men.
Every man who dies
Is some mother’s son, a mother who lives for him
A brother to a sister who dotes upon him
The love of a young woman’s life
The husband of a dedicated wife
The loving father of a darling daughter.

When this man dies, his mother’s condition is pitiable, his sister cries for him, the girl who loved him is heartbroken, and his wife and daughter are orphaned, at the mercy of a wolf pack called society.

And all this happens because of war that snatches away our sons, brothers, lovers, husbands and fathers from us. Men in their prime, before time and much missed. War is bad, I hate a war that sends our men to die a horrible and untimely death and leaves us no choice but to live the lives of misery and want.

War is bad. I hate war.

Why can we not live peacefully? Must we fight? If submission can ensure that our men live, what is wrong if we submit? Who are we fighting for, what do we gain by fighting? No one asks after us after the war is over, then why should our men lose their lives for such a people?

Why should we not pray for peace? Does our dharma not preach peace? How can dharma have peace, when all our Gods and Goddesses carry so many terrible looking weapons? Can such a dharma ever bring peace? Can our sons, brothers, husbands and fathers ever be safe in such a dharma?

I hate war and everything else that encourages or incites you to go to war. I am a priestess of peace; only peace can keep my home safe.

This dharma that teaches war can never keep my home safe. A woman who is a mother, a sister, a lover, a wife, a daughter, can never be happy with such a dharma that teaches the doctrine of war.

I hate war and everything else that provokes people to battle. I am a worshipper of peace, only peace can keep my home safe. Peace is my fundamental right, God has made us to live in peace, not to be destroyed by fighting.

Shame on such a dharma that teaches war. Such are its’ Gods that every time one visits a temple, one feels like it will be one’s turn to be sacrificed. One feels like running away from there. I never go to such temples. Neither will I let my children go there. I want to live in peace with everyone.
How did you find this? I know, I know, you might find it rather out of place on my wall and find it even stranger that I wrote it too, but this is exactly how Leftist propaganda operates. If you have noticed, it also targets women, in a very subtle manner. I am sure you must be realizing now as to why our forces are facing a shortfall, when it is a career that is as rewarding as it is respected.

Brave mothers bear brave sons. We have been seeing what happens when women are softened this way. Submission is then slowly planted in the mind as the best option. And very subtly, it is established that Saffron provokes but Green cools.

Settle down and think coolly. How many such women have you encountered so far? I sincerely hope that the members of your family – mother, sister, love, wife, daughter – are not one of these. If they are, you have your work cut out.

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