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BHIM app developed by NCPI and supported by Government of India has got a new feature in its latest update. Now we can make payment using Aadhaar Number of the payment receiver. Payment can be made by simply entering the 12 Digit Aadhaar Number of the payment receiver. 

Prerequisite for using this feature is that payment receiver should have linked his bank account with Aadhaar Number

Payment using Aadhaar number would not require any biometric authentication or registration with bank UPI app or BHIM app for VPA(virtual payment address).

Prior to this latest update we had following 2 ways to send money using BHIM app

  1. By entering Mobile number or VPA(Virtual Payment Address) of the payment receiver. This required payment receiver to be registered with UPI(Unified Payment Interface) for a valid VPA.
  2. By entering the Account number and IFSC code of the payment receiver. However this is bit tedious/cumbersome. 

However with the latest update of the BHIM app we now have a 3rd way to send money using Aadhaar Number. Money will be sent to Aadhaar linked account of the recipient.

Steps to send money using Aadhaar Number from BHIM app 

  • Login to BHIM app.
  • Tap on Send button
  • Click on the overflow button ( 3 dots on top right corner)
  • Select Aadhaar Pay
  • Enter 12 digit Aadhaar Number of the recepient.
  • Enter pin and confirm transaction.

Done !!

Money will be sent to Aadhaar linked account of the recipient. Also payment using Aadhaar does not require payment receiver to have BHIM app installed on phone or registered with UPI.



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