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2019 and Saul Alinsky's 4th Rule.

Alinsky's 4th rule :
“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

It is practically not possible to observe this rule to the letter or even to the spirit, all fail. Married men experience this rule first hand when the wife or kids taunt them with unfulfilled promises. However, they love their husbands and fathers and do not embarrass them in public – generally. However, such mercies can not be expected from one's political opponets.

Modi has delivered again, but now BJP – note, I am writing BJP here and not Modi – will need to deliver too in the remaining two years to the next Lok Sabha elections. It is better that BJP understands why they have been voted to power. You can slyly tell a customer that the agreement he has signed does not mention anything he is talking about and never did, but remember he holds the aces when it comes to the renewal in 2019.

I have oft been writing about sheep and wolves. Sheep are helpless against wolves, although if some may gather courage and four oir five of them even slam the wolf with their heads and horns, that will be the end for the wolf and perhaps a lesson for the wolf pack too. But that does not happen, even a single wolf can just go on a killing spree amongst a flock of sheep and kill as many as he wants, the sheep just gather together and watch with terrified eyes, almost awaiting their turn. There are videos on this on YT.

Just imagine, if the shepherd decides to prune the horns of even such sheep so that even if they think of resistance, they should not be able to do it so that they are forced to depend on the shepherd, aka the system. Friends, shepherds change, just imagine if a cyclist who keeps a pack of wolves, rides in, what are the sheep to do ?
It is an obvious given that any Government cannot protect the citizens all the time. A lot of damage can be done before the Government machinery even begins to respond. Hence where it concerns an entire society, it should not be debarred from protecting itself against other sections solely committed to encroachment aided by unceasing violence. It must be borne in mind that any further loss of National territory is anathema; hence senior IPS officers in states ruled by opposition parties must have clear instructions in case of actions against National interest by the elected local Government. They cannot countermand the Central Government: modalities are known and need the essential will power to put them into action.

Losing further territory is just not acceptable, warnings must come in advance, and suitable action must be taken. BJP will have to work hard – Modi ji gets the vote, that's no reason to make him a scapegoat for your …...... well, fill in the blanks, you know better.

Is this anger against most of the BJP uncalled for? Going by what the public reaction is, people have once again reposed their confidence in Modi ji alone, IN SPITE OF their experience with local BJP cadre. That he is a Fakeer, and least interested in money is obvious and that is what drives the Indian public to bet on him once again in droves. The common man often wonders whether his party is an aid or impediment.
If BJP does not deliver his vision walking in step and shoulder to shoulder, it may end up shouldering its own political bier none too soon. Three years have passed and a lot of issues, especially of security and aggressive religious fanaticism are causing serious concern. There is a lot of discontent in the public mind on BJP ruled states openly behaving worse than the past Governments and their leaders alleged financial partnerships with dubious characters.

Is Modi ji expected to handle all this, alone ?

Remember that this is a polarised vote no matter what anyone says and that comes with its own demands. As regards polarization, I shall firmly maintain that it has been forced upon the Hindus. In fact, it is the increasing Muslim aggression visible everywhere which made me seek my Hindu roots, but I digress; I was talking about the polarization having its own set of demands. Society must be enabled to defend itself against mass aggression and political patronage and police protection must be denied to the aggressors and their violent provocation. History bears out that the provocation has not been from Hindus. Let their capacity to defend themselves be the deterrent, that is all. If you make it unaffordable for them, persistent and ever present insecurity will cause the society to react and that may be worse than what you have anticipated, and more than what you can handle.

In case you are wondering how Alinsky's 4th Law relates to all this, allow me to remind you of the black and white ad campaign of the BJP. Yes, the vey same, “Janata Maaf Nahi Karegi”. Trust me, it's tailor made for the opposition, they just need to change the logo, not even the slogans.

It's another matter that the opposition is weakened and will not be able to hijack the issues that have swept Modi ji into power, BJP as his baggage. Even their self professed secular facade will be a deterrent to openly pick up the Hindutwa flag. However, should BJP continue to disappoint, a huge space beckons.
So, dear BJP, your bag does not have good wishes alone, it is also chock full of expectations. Time till 2019 is limited, and every corporator, MLA and sitting MP must work to deliver so that the field is readied for for a BJP win in 2019. Work hard you need to, else – Janata Maaf Nahi karegi !

The less you work, the harder Modi ji will have to, that takes a toll on his health and longevity. As of now he is indispensable for you, and you will have to work hard to change that for he is not immortal. Let's be realistic.


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