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Does a coherent and sensible right wing doctrine, paradigm, narrative and philosophy exist, or are we seeing only an anti-left reaction ?

The subject is deeper than may appear. Please think about it.

My own two bits : it is easier to be attracted towards the leftist doctrine than to understand its evil and far less easier to eviscerate it. The preaching of the left is simple, it talks more about the redistribution of wealth than it's creation and the right of the creator to it.

In simple language, the Leftist idea is "Arise and loot. You have a right to someone else's wealth simply because he has more than what he needs and you have less than what you want. The Left provides a moral justification for loot saying that it is your right. That's right. The Leftist always claims a right to the wealth of others simply because it is available and in most cases, vulnerable against the lumpen masses that rally around the Leftist due to his rabble rousing.

In short, the Leftist transforms a proud but ethical poor into a shameless and conniving parasite and offers a moral justification with sophistry while argument is required. Where force will suffice, it does not waste time and energy in arguments.

As an ideology, it works as long as wealth exists. The Left gathers numbers that can be interested in its redistribution. It fails when there is no incentive to create personal wealth and the talented either migrate or choose to live incognito than work themselves out for an ungrateful lot who think they have a right - always, a right- to someone else's talent and money merely because he is born among them. Talent that migrates to rewarding climes is labelled as traitors in order to suppress rebellious thoughts among the populace.

All in all, in today's times, the ambitious find it is easier to join hands with the Left than be conscientious and oppose it.

It is to such conscientious and patriotic Indians of a developed intellect that I appeal to think together and develop a cogent doctrine that can be called RIGHT in every way. A doctrine that encourages the creation of wealth and does not create systemic barricades to keep people in poverty, which makes opportunity available and respects genuine talent.

With a pool of clear thought, let us work to replace the cesspools that Leftist thinking has polluted India with. Every single step walked is a distance that far traveled towards a goal.


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