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A dangerous trend, this ....

You would be surprised how easy it may have been to fool you while searching for information. Let me share info on a dangerous trend of flooding search engines to flood your minds with wrong information. What happens is that people who understand how search engines operate create a number of pages with similar or even near identical information to fill up the first and even the second page; hardly anyone goes beyond two pages. And this info is essential for anyone who builds a website and available for free. As an automatic consequence, falsehood acquires authenticity.
Let me give an example.

A trend is running on social media that four out of top beef exporters are Hindus. The first time I had seen this type of a claim more than two years ago, the site that provided this link also shared a lot of info about MIM and eulogised the Owaisi brothers. I noted that and dropped the matter, it held no credibility for me. Wish I had noted it and traced it as well. Anyways, it gave some names and in the very first names, it mentioned accompany address as located in Chembur, Mumbai. The PIN code was mentioned as 400021. Chembur PIN Code is 400071.

Subsequently I have come across this ‘authentic information on many a web page, and predictably, all pages were, you guessed it, run by Muslims. What was interesting that no website, telephone numbers are provided nor any names of company personnel. One Delhi firm is located in a market and another was shut down in 2013 yet the names continue. Perhaps in conformity with the tradition they will run them without changing a single word for eternity.

A Sikh had entered into an argument with me on this in someone else’s FB wall. He cited this info as authentic, so I confronted him with what I had dug up. He too busied himself and got the address of the Delhi based exporter. Having that in hand, I too found their web site. Turns out they dealt in BUFFALO MEAT and by a strange quirk of fate, it is called BEEF in India. Elsewhere it is called CARABEEF. For me, Beef had a more conventional meaning restricted to cows, calves, bullocks and bulls. This was additional info. So I asked the Sardar if he could please define beef. After repeatedly asking him this question, he said good night and left without answering. On a hunch I looked up his profile, he was an AAP sympathiser.

So what were we talking about ? Ah yes, about flooding search engines so that the querist sees a tsunami of false info that you wish to promote, and accepts that as truth when every web link he sees on the first page is confirming the same. He hardly bothers to see that it is mostly copy paste, even the spelling mistakes are replicated without a correction. So much for knowledge.

A search regarding Muhammad and Asma bin’t Marwan would help ypou see what I mean. If you wish to know about Zainab, unless you key in Zainab bin’t Jahsh, you will get eulogistic information on Muhammad’s daughter having the same name, not of the Zainab married to Zaid.

And if you try to visit site such as islam-watch.org that reveal unflattering information about Islam, you will be shocked to discover that our own Government’s DoT has blocked it out.

Had a mind to write on Jesus Christ so I was looking for info that provided information on the definition of Christ. Years ago, I had read something on this while reading about Gnostics, needed to refresh. Well, the search yielded surprises. Almost all links presented the same meaning, some with minor changes, some without a change, just copy pasting. I had to peruse a lot before something relevant came up.

Perhaps you will realize the seriousness of this if I tell you that a lot of Muslims on the net are blatantly lying that Muslims never invaded India, they were merchants and traders. They divert the talk to the ancient trade of Araby with Kerala and wax eloquent about the second mosque in the world was built in Kerala. Thereafter they connect the spread of Islam in India with this.

The rate at which they are trying to spread this falsehood, hope it does not get established in net searches that Hindus accepted Islam with open arms after learning about its greatness from merchants and traders. Ghazni, Ghauri, Khilji, Nadir Shah were just tourists you know… they just defended themselves in minor skirmishes when local dacoits attacked them with an intention to loot, else everything is quite hunky dory in la la land that is India.


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