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Cheapest GPS tracking Solution, without buying any special device.

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Just use your any Old Android Mobile for the tracking purpose.

Just download the Android App, switch on the data / internet and you are ready for the tracking.

Salient Features of Our App:

1. Just Download App on any android device

2. Put it's data / Internet On

3. It'll start sending device's current location to the server.

4. Monitor your device's Live location from any browser on any other device like Andorid, IPhone mobile or Computer like laptop, desktop

5. Keep Location Tracking data for 24 hrs to 30 days based on your need

6. In Emergency / Urgent Situations, change the frequency of tracking to every 5 seconds for better movements


1. Track any vehicle like Bike, Car, Truck, Tractor, Jeep, SUV, MUV etc.

2. Track any moving object

3. Track Children, Kids, Pets, College / Coaching going students.

4. Track Employees Location specially in Sales, Delivery Boys, Support Staff etc.

Coming Soon - for download & more information Please visit - https://cheapgpstracker.oxyinc.co.in

For further enquiry & pricing options, Please contact - [email protected]


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