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The dangerous Corona has spread its bloody claws all over the world in general and India in particular. Since Feb 2021 it is spreading dangerously. When there is a problem the people of India, instead of putting their efforts to counter the problem, start blame game. In fact, blame game is the favorite pastime of idles. It helps in creating confusion and disturbing the people who are in the core to solve the problem. A lot of energy is wasted in clearing the confusion. It gives an opportunity to fools to prove their intelligence on subjects which has never been their fields.

This is happening in India so far as Corona is concerned. Everyone is an expert in handling the situation. The Whatsapp University is taking the lead followed by Facebook and Twitter. Up to Jan 2021 everything was fine in India. Corona vaccine was discovered and manufactured. In Feb 2021 frontline workers have been vaccinated. India was being applauded for its dealing of the Corona and other internal crisis. So long, no graduate from the WhatsApp University said anything regarding the second deadly wave.  But as soon as the second wave took an ugly turn, the people started bombarding the government like the frogs of the rainy season. The criticism of the government especially of the central government needs some scrutiny.

Did you follow social distancing and put your mask while in the public after the first wave? Did you really adopt the Corona protocol? I have seen people openly flouting Covid protocol. It has been repeatedly emphasized by the Government to follow social distancing. Why the Government should declare lock-down? Can you not yourself lock-down? When it comes to criticism everyone becomes graduate in that field. But when it comes to follow rules most of the people become innocent and uneducated. This is irony.

When you expect some guests then you keep some milk for the tea. But if all of a sudden you are asked to entertain a lot of people can you handle with your resources? In such a situation it is not good to blame the government. In foreign countries when there is a national calamity no one blame the government. They all support the government despite their political differences. Here we miserably fail.

The people are blaming for the shortage of beds in hospital. But the fact is that there is no shortage of beds. In fact, a lot of people instead of choosing self isolation preferred to occupy a bed in the hospital. There are some cases in which the hospital itself has created artificial scarcity of beds. If only genuine patients are admitted in the hospitals then there will be no shortage of beds.

There is a problem of oxygen. In this matter too, the central Government has allotted funds to establish Oxygen Concentrator plants to States. But most of the states did not bother to establish these plants. The Delhi High Court has categorically scolded the Delhi Government for this failure. Apart from it a lot of wealthy people have purchased oxygen cylinders and Oxygen Concentrators for future use. This has created artificial scarcity of Oxygen.

It should be understood very clearly that health is primarily a state subject in the constitution. The Central Government is to support them as per requirement. So the first responsibility rests with the State Government in handling the Corona crisis. Let us look back. The central government found it difficult to convince the people for vaccination, for the people were misguided by the irresponsible opposition of India. Some called it a BJP vaccine ignoring efforts of our scientists and entrepreneurs. Some openly criticized the vaccination program when the world applauded India on its vaccination drive.

Who is black-marketing oxygen and life saving drugs? Is it the government? No, we are doing all this non-sense and blaming the government. This is a well known fact that our criminal justice system is inadequate to deal with crimes and criminals. How many people are really punished in the end? We have to mend our ways to counter corona crisis. Let us forget our differences and should unite to fight corona.

Media should also play a positive role. What is the fun in showing scenes of funeral places? Do they want to create fear among people? Everyone knows that deaths are taking place in Corona patients but it is hardly 1 percent of the total. 99 percent people come out victorious. This is encouraging. Media should show positive news to encourage people and create optimism.

International conspiracy cannot be ruled out in the sudden outbreak of the disease. China has been trying its best to beat India after failing in the border dispute. It is therefore necessary that we should not play the blame game. Instead, we should fight Corona with full vigor and strength.  


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