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Let me before!

I wish to keep on success,

I hope to go on top,

No one can never me bares

I don’t want to be flop.

I wan not get a sore 

And I always pray to God,

Let me before,

Let me before,

Let me before!

Paraphrase: - In these lines the poet describes that he wants to go on the path of success. He wants do something better for him or and country. He prays to God that He provide to him some special quality and power to fight against troubles. In his way he has no desire to go on back. He says that he had no idea to be an illegal man or to be. So he prays to God that he should give him go on top.

No passion is barred me 

I’m frenzy with passion

No alleged dashed me

Very nice time have gotten

For the recurrence to me 

Elders are blessed me go ahead;

Could be success in thou aim?

Be passionate and be hopeful

It might be pleasure them.

Paraphrase: – Here the poet wants to sow his passions that if he has faith in God and has self confidence he will never be failure. He has gotten chance and he used it in good way. In that he could be prefer in his life. He says that his forefather’s and elders also suggested and blessed to him keep success. He is advised that if he has positive thought and strange thought he can succeed and pleasure in his life.

Causalities be life dire 

Have a dare for them,

May go next make it admire

Love and make life dem

Make life easy and sure

Think always to before

Let me before, 

Let me before

Paraphrase: - Here the author wants to say that may problems and sudden come in human life in which we do not know. So don’t think about that and have a dare against problems. Make a simple ladder to go ahead by with these. Love and care your life because life is got only once. Demand your life for the future to make it sure and easy. So once is said think always to go before not back. 


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