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Religion is not what, that binds you in the narrowness of mandated practices and prescribed routines rather it is the one that sets you free.

Religion shouldn’t be burdening the followers with cultural obligations, performances of rituals, praying styles, and static beliefs of holiness – so as to give them a predesigned, predefined template to settle their lives within, with a strict command to never to protrude beyond as then it would be labelled as defiance or apostasy attracting severe outcomes. This is basically what the text based religions have been doing to the societies.

Since when the textuality became religion where everything is just written and finely dictated. Texts seem to have become greater and holier than the human lives and humanity overall, instrumentally confining the thought-sphere of individuals only to certain fancied beliefs and societal establishments. Notably, some religions completely program the human minds only in one direction and in one way, for a selfish purpose of expansion and aggrandization hence the question is, by confining and strictly controlling the abilities to think openly for all – can a religion give a real, substantial meaning to life?

Religions should only exist to set you immensely free from everything burdening your soul & mind while you are still alive as against making promises for an exultant afterlife in return for living up to the religious dictations. We need to carefully ponder the structures, components and intentions of our religions before just impulsively becoming slaves to them because without being able to give a useful meaning to life the religions are nothing more than just the fancies of someone who has an edge over us only because of being born a thousand or two thousand years ago.

Sulabh Gupta


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