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A mosquito is a very fragile creature, right ? Even a light inadvertent touch is certain to cause its death; it’s that fragile. Well, the point I am trying to make is - what’s so bad if it bites us and sips our blood? How much blood can it drink, anyway? Not even a milliliter, even a dengue mosquito cannot drink more than a drop or two ! And are we so short of blood that we cannot bequeath the gift of life on a mosquito with nary a drop of our blood ? Surely you have heard that there is no gift more precious than blood as it is life, and here you can see that your blood is letting the mosquito live for one more day?

And, don’t our ancient culture, our great religions teach us to respect the right of other creatures to live ? Then why do we become restless when we spy a tiny mosquito flit into our room and do not rest till we have either killed it or driven out of the room till it is out sight? Is it not the same almighty God who has created you both ? Then why can you not respect the mosquito’s right to live, too ? Why do we not donate them a millilitre of our blood every day? It would keep at least 20 mosquitoes not just alive for a day but keep them healthy and hearty too! Just think about it, has anyone told you a better way to get so much punya by keeping twenty creatures alive and at so low a cost ?

Then why is it that we get so disturbed when we see a mosquito and do not rest till we have killed it or shooed it away – mostly kill only ? If you see a mosquito hovering over your child, why does that make you paranoid about killing that mosquito? Why do you not see that right from the infant stage, your child can start accumulating punya by donating it’s blood to the mosquitoes? Why do you go to great lengths to eliminate mosquitoes, buying machines, spraying chemicals, buying battery racquets, so that you can rid yourself of not just one mosquito but of it’s entire community ?

If by now youy are thinking that I have consumed something undesirable that has affected my reason and you are thinking of explaining your reasons for eliminating mosquitoes, relax. Just re-read the piece by replacing mosquito with Communist or a Leftist Liberal, the label under which they now package themselves; that is all I ask. All your reasons to kill mosquitoes are 100% valid, and I am in total agreement with them. The same reasons, incidentally apply to communists or Leftist Liberals, without changing anything.


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