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An Indian civil engineer was invited by his civil engineer friend in U.S.A.

The Indian civil engineer was stunned by seeing his lavish home. Out of curiosity he asked his friend: “How did you manage to have this beautiful home?”

American civil engineer : “Can you see the newly constructed bridge outside the window?”

Indian civil engineer : “Yes.”

American civil engineer : “(Winking his eyes) 10% of the budget came in my pocket.’

After a few months, the Indian civil engineer invited his American civil engineer to his home.

The American civil engineer found his home to be a way more lavish than his home. He was also stunned. Out of curiosity, he asked him: “Your house is more luxurious than mine, how come?”

Indian civil engineer : “Can you see the bridge outside the window?”

American civil engineer: “No”.

(Indian civil engineer winked his eyes.)


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