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By granting reservation to OBC and EWS in medical education, the political leadership once again preferred management of votes to national interest. The Constitution has made provisions for reservations to the SC/ST for ten years only. But, for vote politics no political party dares to abrogate this provision. The reservation continues unabated giving frustration to talents. Instead of slashing down the reservation, our political leadership preferred to extend its ambit. Indeed, a very ill-fated move for the country and the young talent.

It is purely a political move that has no concern for the talent and the country. If our leadership really wanted to raise the status of the weaker sections of the society, they would have decried the caste system in our society. All marks of caste heritage could have been banned and use of surnames might have been discontinued. The poor should have been given a congenial environment for their uplift. They should be given free education, coaching, housing, clothing and messing. Even parents could have been given some money as an incentive. Instead, our leadership thought of hammering on the talent.

If two people run, one will be faster than the other. This is natural. But if you want to make the slower one to run fast and defeat the faster one you can give him training and good diet or you can hang a heavy load on the back of the faster one. Unfortunately our leaders preferred the second option.

In a democratic setup, where Equality of law is a fundamental right, preferential treatment brews resentment, which is never good for any country. In India this results in brain drain. Our people contribute in the progress of other countries and, our country suffers.

This reservation is specifically dangerous for technical education like engineering and medical. Just count the contribution of reserved category scientists and doctors. You will find a big zero. Talent is a god's gift. Dishonoring the talent is dishonoring the god. This is something like encouraging incompetence. Advocates of the reservation, in fact, are those people who want to get a lot without efforts and labor. We cannot give service to all members of the SC/ST and OBC people even if we extend the ambit of reservation to hundred percent. What about those who do not get success even after getting reservation. What shall be their fate? The government should think for all the people. The dignity of labor should be maintained. Reservation goes against the dignity of labor. If fools continue to defeat talents, country will suffer at the end.

Can our political leaders insist upon taking treatment from doctors of reserved category only? Can they send their children to study under reserved category teachers? No, they cannot do so for they know the dangers involved in it. Instead of giving reservation in services and education the government may think of giving salaries to all educated SC/ST and OBC people. But, maintain the sacredness of competition.

Those who succeed in life due to reservation always feel ashamed before the talented people who have their success on account of their talent and intelligence. These untalented people suffer from inferiority complex and cannot raise their heads in society. Even after getting reservation their social status remains the same. If there is no reservation, those people, belonging to SC/ST and OBC, who will get success in life will be respected in the society and their family can move in the society with their heads raised. 

Since the promulgation of reservation in the constitution, members of the SC/ST and OBC have left their traditional jobs in the hope of getting high posts. Their traditional jobs have been taken over by more smart people. In consequence of this shift, these people have become poorer. 

The people of India have become so blind in their self-interest that they do not want to oppose the reservation policy. If all right thinking men unite in condemning the reservation, the government may be forced to end the reservation policy.

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